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DeAnza Cove

DeAnza Cove is located in the North East corner of Mission Bay. Originally, this location had a large number of mobile homes the Mission Bay Golf Course, Pacific Beach Tennis Club, plus open park space. Currently DeAnza Cove Natural have new agendas for the area that include taking away Camp Land and creating a new plan with these project goals:

  • Expand wetlands for both habitat and for public enjoyment.

  • Create an iconic recreation destination that maximizes the benefit offered to the region by this extraordinary waterfront amenity.

  • Provide for the highest and best use of the project area to serve the needs of a broad range of local and regional users.

  • Identify a mix of uses that will provide sustainable revenue generating leaseholds for the City.

San Diego BIG supports these efforts and has designed a plan that includes all the stakeholders including a new beach volleyball facility.

See all the details below.

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Voice of Volleyball

Yellow = Beach

The current design options designate a few sand areas and includes large areas of parkland, that ultimately cost the City of San Diego large amounts of money to maintain. In our draft design, we include recreational camping all along the waterfront, designated areas for all the stakeholders and includes several smaller open park area. Because of our efforts at South Mission Beach, the beach volleyball courts are over crowded and we need to have a large space to expand. Our design includes a 21-court facility that would be available to host amazing events such as the California CIF Beach Volleyball Championships, AVP Beach Volleyball events and host a wide variety of clinics, camps and recreation to our growing population of beach volleyball participants. We need your letters of support to let the City of San Diego know that we have a voice and would like to participate and be a part of the plan.

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Get Involved

We need your support. Take a moment to take our

and write a letter to the DeAnza Cove Planning Committee to help us build our voice for building a new large beach volleyball facility at DeAnza Cove.

Please download our plan HERE and submit your letter with the attachment HERE

Join the Committee | Become a Member | Donate | Become a Sponsor

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Become a Member

SD BIG Members enjoy several perks and help us plan for the future. Get a classic SD BIG t-shirt or tank top, pre-registration and discounts on our events and inside information on projects, and programs. Sign up for your annual membership today!

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SD BIG is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit. All donations are tax-deductible and participants will receive a tax-deductible receipt

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