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South Mission Beach Sports Park

Our original project. In 1997, Bill Walton, NBA All Star, and several beach volleyball enthusiasts installed 14 new beach volleyball courts and refurbished the basketball court at the South Mission Beach Sports Park. In 2002, our group noticed that the nets were falling off the poles, the lines were missing and it just wasn't being well cared for. We stepped up!

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SMB Volleyball Courts

Just bring a beach volleyball and water

Since 2002, we actively raise money to maintain the beach volleyball courts at South Mission Beach all year round. These funds help us purchase supplies for painting the poles every 2 years, buying professional beach volleyball nets, cranks, boundary lines and other equipment and maintain the facility for anyone that wants to play from beginners to professional athletes.

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Let’s Play Beach Volleyball

Over 1000 people use these public beach volleyball courts on a weekly basis... that’s approximately 55,000 people annually. You will see young kids ages 6 and up all the way to 76 year olds playing beach volleyball. Early morning you'll see the regulars and on summer weekends, you'll need to arrive before 8am to get a parking spot and find a court.

Since these are public courts, the protocol is first come first serve. We've posted other rules and beach volleyball etiquette as well as noise rules on the North side of the poles.

Because these courts have become so busy, we are actively looking to build out a committee dedicated to building more beach volleyball facilities in San Diego.

We often host beach cleanups and several events at this location. SEE EVENTS

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